Gift Policy

Thank you for wanting to give me a gift. I appreciate the thought that I have contributed in a meaningful way to how you have grown as an individual. However, I am bound by the state’s ethics laws that strictly prohibit me from accepting gifts with monetary value from either students or companies.

With this being said, I can and do accept hand-written cards or emails of appreciation. I consider these gifts to be the most meaningful ones that I can receive and hang them up in my office. Please wait to send the note until the end of the semester after grades have been recorded.

For the state policy related to gifts, please see Illinois State Officials and Employees Ethics Act (5 ILCS 430/10-10)

Sec. 10-10. Gift ban. Except as otherwise provided in this Article, no officer, member, or State employee shall intentionally solicit or accept any gift from any prohibited source or in violation of any federal or State statute, rule, or regulation. This ban applies to and includes the spouse of and immediate family living with the officer, member, or State employee. No prohibited source shall intentionally offer or make a gift that violates this Section.

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