Fully Transitioning to blogdown and hugo finite theme

Within the past week, this website has received a facelift. Outside of the noticable visual upgrades, the site has also fully transitioned to using blogdown as a layer ontop of hugo. The benefit of this approach is easier code-driven writings, which is the crux of the website.

That said, the transition really started back on September 7, 2017. At that time, the site first transitioned from using Jekyll to hugo. However, the transition never went past using the default lithium theme. So, for a very long time, there was the occassional person who in-person asked, “Why is the logo in the upper left corner saying ‘Li’ instead of ‘TCP’?”

The main reason for the lack of a transition was I didn’t really like any of the pre-made themes available. Many academics were adopting the academic hugo theme, which I’m not quite a fan of. Plus, I didn’t have time nor the modern HTML and CSS skills to create a new responsive theme from scratch.

Though, I recently stumbled upon Kieran Healy’s website and said outloud, “My $DEITY that is beautiful!” His website is based off of Greg Restall’s consequently.org. Upon googling a bit more, Marcus Brinkmann created a variant called finite theme. Thus, I felt compelled to finally embrace hugo and transition away from the default theme.

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