Keeping Up to Date with R Developments


Over the years, I’ve slowly collected a set of websites to look at for information. Now, there isn’t enough time in a day to read in-depth each website. So, I end up “skim-reading” many different websites and gain new information from talking on different R-oriented Slack groups. Through these outlets, I’ve managed to stay a bit more up-to-date with changes in R.


The main portal into R’s development process is:

Part of my daily routine is:

At least once a week, I strive to look at a couple of community run sites:

From there, I look at trends from the commercial software industry around R. I make this distinction as they are offering a product, not just knowledge. Generally, the product needs to sell for the company to remain solvent.

Lastly, there is an added benefit of monitoring CRAN Task Views for new software in a given discipline or field. For instance, you can learn about R packages in, Machine Learning, Databases, Econometrics, or Psychometrics. Packages that are listed here have generally been screened by both CRAN and a subject matter expert in the given field. Therefore, the quality of packages found on a Task View will be relatively high.

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