bibtex v0.5.0 Released: !

The {bibtex} R allows for BibTeX bibliographies to be imported into R.

Within this release, we revive the {bibtex} originally written by Romain François! Previously, the package was orphaned on CRAN when the memory check tests were enabled for the first time. These checks identified various low-level leaks in the package’s use of R’s C API. After a few years, the task of addressing these errors quickly faded. There was a notable effort by Matt Wiese (GitHub) in PR #40. However, issues persisted. In the end, Diego Hernangómez saved the day by writing an entirely new bibtex parser using R. Thanks to Diego, the {bibtex} package will live on at CRAN.

bibtex news file entry for version 0.5.0 (2022-09-25)

New Features

Unit Tests

GitHub Changelog

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