errorist v0.0.1 Released

errorist: one who holds to and propagates error

Merriam Webster

The goal of errorist is to automatically search errors and warnings the second they arise. To accomplish this, errorist automatically applies a set of environment hooks on package load that retrieve errors and warnings, which occur during the execution of code, so that they can be automatically searched for solutions.

The idea for errorist came from a conversation among Dirk Eddelbuettel, Barry Rowlingson, and myself musing about having compilers provide a link explaining what the error meant and how to solve it. This conversation was sprouted due to the mouse overtext of XKCD Comic 1185: Ineffective Sorts.

StackSort connects to StackOverflow, searches for ‘sort a list’, and downloads and runs code snippets until the list is sorted.

This type of code search was implemented by:

The idea morphed from evaluating random code chunks to providing search support for errors that occurred at runtime.

errorist news file entry for version 0.0.1 (2018-01-30)

errorist 0.0.1


  • Created shims for warning and error handling
  • Automatically load and unload shims alongside package calls.
  • Added coverage tests to verify the present of the handlers and for checking the contents of the error handler.

Special Thanks

This package exists in large part due to conversations or assistance from the following folks:

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