RcppEnsmallen v0. Released - More Bug Fixes

The RcppEnsmallen package brings to R a Header-Only C++ Mathematical Optimization Library for Armadillo. In particular, Ensmallen is a templated C++ mathematical optimization library (by the MLPACK team) that provides a simple set of abstractions for writing an objective function to optimize.

In this update, the Ensmallen Development Team provided a set of patches to address a few edge cases. Most notably, there was work on BigBatchSGD optimizer and a handful of tolerance fixes. The update notes are next!

RcppEnsmallen news file entry for version v0. (2019-05-12)

  • Upgraded to ensmallen release 1.14.4 “Difficult Crimp” (2019-05-12)
    • Fixes for BigBatchSGD (#91).
    • Handle eig_sym() failures correctly (#100).
    • SPSA test tolerance fix (#97).
    • Minor documentation fixes (#95, #98).
    • Fix newlines at end of file (#92).

GitHub Changelog

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