RcppEnsmallen v0. Released - New Optimizers and Documentation Improvements!

The RcppEnsmallen package brings to R a Header-Only C++ Mathematical Optimization Library for Armadillo. In particular, Ensmallen is a templated C++ mathematical optimization library (by the MLPACK team) that provides a simple set of abstractions for writing an objective function to optimize.

With Comprehensive R Archival Network on vacation for two weeks, we missed out on the Ensmallen Development Team Christmas release until now. The latest build adds three new optimizers: AdaBound, AMSBound, and Lookahead. Elsewhere, work was done to improve documentation and deployment. On our own end, we improved our testing infrastructure by switching over to Jim Hester’s GitHub Action’s for R workflows. Lastly, we fixed an outstanding bug regarding extension packages using RcppEnsmallen thanks to Ron Yurko for reporting in #19 and Dirk for issuing a fix in #21. For all the details, please see the full list of changes below.

RcppEnsmallen news file entry for version v0. (2020-01-14)

  • Upgraded to ensmallen 2.11.1: “The Poster Session Is Full” (2019-12-28)
    • Fix Lookahead Synchronization period type (#153).
    • Add Lookahead (#138).
    • Add AdaBound and AMSBound (#137).
    • SGD callback test 32-bit safety (big number) (#143).
    • Use “arbitrary” and “separable” terms in static function type checks (#145).
    • Remove ‘using namespace std’ from problems/ files (#147).
    • Add optional tests building. (#141).
    • Make code samples collapsible in the documentation. (#140).
  • Switched deployment from TravisCI to GitHub Actions. (#17, #22)
  • Removed check on header file inclusion (#21)

GitHub Changelog

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