RcppEnsmallen v0. Released - QoL and compatibility improvements

The RcppEnsmallen package brings to R a Header-Only C++ Mathematical Optimization Library for Armadillo. In particular, Ensmallen is a templated C++ mathematical optimization library (by the MLPACK team) that provides a simple set of abstractions for writing an objective function to optimize.

For the third update of 2020, the Ensmallen Development Team focused on improving the quality of the package and fixing issues with Armadillo compatibility version compatibility. Details of all changes can be found in the list below.

RcppEnsmallen news file entry for version v0. (2020-04-24)

  • Upgraded to ensmallen 2.12.1: “Stir Crazy” (2020-04-20)
    • Fix total number of epochs and time estimation for ProgressBar callback (#181).
    • Handle SpSubview_col and SpSubview_row in Armadillo 9.870 (#194).
    • Minor documentation fixes (#197).
    • Correction in the formulation of sigma in CMA-ES (#183).
    • Remove deprecated methods from PrimalDualSolver implementation (#185, #186).

GitHub Changelog

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