searcher v0.0.3 Released

The searcher package (CRAN, GitHub) provides a search interface to look up terms on popular websites such as ‘Google’, ‘Bing’, ‘DuckDuckGo’, ‘ixquick’, ‘StackOverflow’, ‘GitHub’, and ‘BitBucket’. Upon calling a search_*() function, a browser window will open with the search results for the query.

Example `searcher` usage

This release brings API parity by ensuring all search functions have the rlang flag turned on by default to guarantee R-specific results. Previously, the main search engine functions lacked the rlang flag and could potential retrieve odd search results. Based on searched trends for rlang, rstats, r programming, and r language acquired from Google Trends, the main search engine functions affix r programming when rlang = TRUE.

To improve your search query further, it has been suggested to use:

  • "r how to do <x>"
    • "r how to remove legends in ggplot"
    • This is a baseline search query.
  • "<package name> <problem>"
    • "ggplot2 fix x-axis labels."
    • If the package is R-specific, it may help dropping r and instead focusing on the package name at the start of the query.
  • "r <package-name> <problem> <year> site:<specific-site>
    • "r ggplot2 center graph title 2018
    • By specifying the package name, a year, and target site the “freshest” solution will likely be found.

These suggestions come from Steph Locke and Robert Mitchell

searcher news file entry for version 0.0.3 (2018-07-04)

searcher 0.0.3 - “Finding R”


  • Added a new search portal
    • search_ixquick(): Searches with ixquick. (#8, #6)


  • Append r programming to major search engines by default (#11, #10)
  • Add ixquick as a valid engine to search_site(). (#8, #6)
  • Included link to repository and bug tracker to DESCRIPTION.

GitHub Changelog

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