searcher v0.0.4 Released - Search RStudio Community and Read about Search Patterns!

The searcher package (CRAN, GitHub) provides a search interface to look up terms on popular websites such as ‘Google’, ‘Bing’, ‘DuckDuckGo’, ‘Startpage’, ‘StackOverflow’, ‘RStudio Community’, ‘GitHub’, and ‘BitBucket’. Upon calling a search_*() function, a browser window will open with the search results for the query.

Example `searcher` usage

Within this release, searcher gains the ability to search the RStudio Community, improved documentation, and a new vignette on search patterns. In addition, the search_ixquick() function was deprecated in favor of search_startpage() as the company behind the search engines consolidated to startpage. Lastly, searcher joins the r-assist GitHub Organization in anticipation of a series of automated help tools being built.

searcher news file entry for version 0.0.4 (2019-07-05)

searcher 0.0.4 - “Finding Community”


  • Added search portal:
    • search_rstudio_community() or search_rscom(): Searches on RStudio Community. (#13, #17)
  • Added vignette on search patterns (#18).


  • Renamed search portal:
    • Changed search_ixquick() to search_startpage() due to the merging of ixquick into startpage. (#15)
  • Update the README overview for the project. (#16)


  • Improved TravisCI testing deployments by testing across an array and using all CPUs allotted to build the container. (#16)
  • Modify thresholding for code coverage rejections. (#16)

GitHub Changelog

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