sitmo v1.1.0 Released

Moving along with the package updates, we come across the sitmo header-only R package that falls victim to R 3.4’s newest CRAN check: Found no calls to: ‘R_registerRoutines’, ‘R_useDynamicSymbols’. Packages that encounter this note need to simply register the compiled code routines using the procedure described in this post.

The objective of sitmo is to provide the means for performing parallel draws from a Parallel Pseudo Random Number Generator (PPRNG). One of the nice features of sitmo is its ability to work under both C++98 or C++11. The overall development for the PPRNG was done by the sitmo consultancy agency. Though, the package does contain a very nice vignette that shows how to create a sampling routine to obtain a uniform distribution that can then be used alongside the Probability Integral Transformation to acquire many different distributions.

sitmo news file entry for version 1.1.0 (2017-04-27)


  • Added src/init.c to address R 3.4 C++ registration requirement (#2)
  • Clarified content in “Making a Uniform PRNG with sitmo” vignette.


  • Addressed signed and unsigned integer comparison in sitmo header (#1)
  • Corrected a URL that was problematic in “Deployment of sitmo within C++ Code” vignette.

GitHub Changelog

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