visualize v4.3.0 Released

Courtesy of R 3.4 being released last Friday, I’ve been on a package updating spree. The first package to receive such treatment is actual the first R package I ever wrote: visualize. Back in the day, before RStudio really was prevalent and devtools was as feature rich as it is today, I learned how to build packages with the good ol’ Terminal using R CMD build and R CMD check. I ended up writing up how I built the package sometime around July 2013 in a post titled “Updating the Visualize R package” but have since lost it while transition platforms. Nowadays, part of the post lives on in infamy in the [R-SIG-Mac] hidden files and directories thread. Heh, I’ve reminisced a bit too much.

The objective of visualize is to create a distribution with given parameters and then show the probability associated with a test statistic. The package provides visualization support for all distributions that ship with R in convenient wrapper functions visualize.*(). As I was still a youngin, the plotting library used is base R. If you’re interested in contributing to a newer version of visualize that allows for multiple distributions to be added to a plot let’s chat.

visualize news file entry for version 4.3.0 (2017-04-27)


  • Switched visualize.distribution from being made on library load to being an internal data set stored in sysdata.rda with build files stored in data-raw (#1)
  • Switched documentation from Rd over to roxygen2 using Rd2roxygen (#2)


  • Switched NEWS to to take advantage of Markdown formatting. (#5)
  • Switched README to use README.Rmd, which generates (#4)
  • Added links to GitHub repository in DESCRIPTION file


  • Corrected outstanding CRAN checks related to malformed DESCRIPTION file and need to import functions (#3)

GitHub Changelog

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