Downloading and Installing RStudio Desktop

The contents of this tutorial is geared toward downloading and installing the RStudio Desktop IDE on:

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What is RStudio Desktop IDE?

Before downloading or installing any software, it may help to have a bit of a background as to what you are obtaining. Thus, let’s briefly look at “What is RStudio Desktop IDE?”

RStudio Desktop IDE is:

Psst, there is also a server version that has Pro features which mimick Google Docs!

Downloading and Installation of RStudio Desktop IDE

RStudio provides a symbolically linked URL to the latest stable version available. The details of which are found in one of their support knowledge bank entries. The gist of the linking system goes along the lines of:<build-type>/<product-type>/<os-type>/<rstudio-cap>-latest<file-type>


  • <build-type> is either: stable, preview, or daily
  • <product-type> is either: desktop or server
  • <rstudio-cap> is either: RStudio (windows, mac) or rstudio (linux)
  • <os-type> is either: windows, mac, ubuntu64, ubuntu32, redhat64/fedora64, or redhat32/fedora32
  • <file-type> is either: .exe, .dmg, -amd64.deb,-i386.deb, -x86_64.rpm, or -i686.rpm

Note: redhat is used when referencing the desktop client and fedora when using the server client.

These URLs are referenced below. In general, you can obtain the desired stable RStudio Desktop IDE installer by visiting


Insert screenshots when R 3.4.1 is released on June 20th


Insert screenshots when R 3.4.1 is released on June 20th


Ubuntu / Debian

# Prerequisite software package
sudo apt-get install gdebi-core

# Download latest 64 bit version
wget -O rstudio-latest-amd64.deb

# Install it
sudo gdebi rstudio-latest-amd64.deb

# Remove the installer
rm rstudio-latest-amd64.deb

RedHat / Fedora / openSUSE

# Download latest 64 bit version
wget -O rstudio-latest-x86_64.rpm

# Install it
sudo yum install --nogpgcheck rstudio-latest-x86_64.rpm

# Remove the installer
rm rstudio-latest-x86_64.rpm
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