edmdata v1.0.0 Released: Pre-made data sets for Diagnostic Modeling!

The edmdata package (GitHub, Website) provides data sets from various administered assessments that can be used in diagnostic modeling. These data sets have been analyzed in various papers that introduced new methodology as part of the application section.

The package provides detailed documentation for each data set that contains:

  • what the data represents;
  • how the data was imported and wrangled; and
  • where the data was analyzed.

The importation and wrangling stages are available in the package’s GitHub repository under the data-raw/ folder.

Moreover, the package follows a naming scheme for each data set that takes advantage of auto-complete. In particular, data associated with item matrices are prefixed with items_* for dichotomous/binary data or items_ordered_* for polytomous/ordered. For Q matrices, the data is prefixed with qmatrix_* and contains a validation check for strict identifiability. As a result, the package treats data as a first-class object instead of a second-class object nested inside a single list object.

Special thanks goes out to the CRAN team who published the package during their summer 2020 vacation and maintenance work break (Aug 14 - Aug 24, 2020).

For information about which data sets were included, please see the full NEWS release below.

edmdata news file entry for version 1.0.0 (2020-08-17)


  • Datasets used in different psychometric publications focused on diagnostic modeling.
  • Accompanying documentation is available via ?dataset.

Data Sets

  • items_ecpe
    • Examination for the Certificate of Proficiency in English (ECPE) Item Responses
  • qmatrix_ecpe
    • Examination for the Certificate of Proficiency in English (ECPE) Expert-Derived Q matrix
  • items_fractions
    • Fraction Subtraction and Addition Assessment Item Responses
  • qmatrix_fractions
    • Fraction Subtraction and Addition Assessment Expert-Derived Q Matrix
  • items_revised_psvtr
    • Revised PSVT:R Item Responses
  • items_ordered_eclsk_atl
    • Subset of Early Childhood Longitudinal Study, Kindergarten (ECLS-K)’s Approaches to Learning Item Responses
  • items_spm_ls
    • Last Series of the Standard Progressive Matrices (SPM-LS) Item Responses
  • items_matrix_reasoning
    • Experimental Matrix Reasoning Test Item Responses
  • items_taylor_manifest_anxiety_scale
    • Taylor Manifest Anxiety Scale Item Responses
  • items_narcissistic_personality_inventory
    • Narcissistic Personality Inventory Item Responses
  • qmatrix_oracle_k3_j20
    • Oracle Q Matrices for J = 20 Items and K = 3 Traits.
  • qmatrix_oracle_k4_j20
    • Oracle Q Matrices for J = 20 Items and K = 4 Traits.
  • qmatrix_oracle_k5_j30
    • Oracle Q Matrices for J = 30 Items and K = 5 Traits.

GitHub Changelog

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