edmdata v1.2.0 Released: New Oracle Strategy Sets and Probability Assessment Data

The edmdata package (GitHub, Website) provides data sets from various administered assessments that can be used in diagnostic modeling. These data sets have been analyzed in various papers that introduced new methodology as part of the application section.

With the release of Chen, Yinghan, Liu, Y., Culpepper, S. A., & Chen, Y. (2021), we have incorporated into edmdata the Elementary Probability Theory Assessment from the {pks} package. When compared to {pks}, the data has been re-formatted from the single probability data frame object into a single trial matrix containing only part one of the assessment. In addition, we also include as a built-in data set the non-strict expert specified Q matrix given in the package’s example documentation. Lastly, we have added oracle strategy matrices that have been used in multiple-strategy problems.

Please see the news entry below for more details.

edmdata news file entry for version 1.2.0 (2021-07-24)

Data Sets

  • items_probability_part_one
    • Elementary Probability Theory Assessment Item Responses based on data from the pks package.
  • qmatrix_probability_part_one
    • Elementary Probability Theory Assessment Expert-Derived Q Matrix based off of the mapping given in the pks package data example.
  • Oracle Strategy Sets for use in multiple-strategies simulation studies.
    • strategy_oracle_k3_j20_s2: 20 items, 3 traits, and 2 strategies.
    • strategy_oracle_k3_j30_s2: 30 items, 3 traits, and 2 strategies.
    • strategy_oracle_k3_j40_s2: 40 items, 3 traits, and 2 strategies.
    • strategy_oracle_k3_j50_s2: 50 items, 3 traits, and 2 strategies.
    • strategy_oracle_k4_j20_s2: 20 items, 4 traits, and 2 strategies.
    • strategy_oracle_k4_j30_s2: 30 items, 4 traits, and 2 strategies.
    • strategy_oracle_k4_j40_s2: 40 items, 4 traits, and 2 strategies.
    • strategy_oracle_k4_j50_s2: 50 items, 4 traits, and 2 strategies.


  • Fixed ecpe paper references.


  • Added a custom user dictionary containing author names to prevent the R CMD check error of ‘Possibly misspelled words in DESCRIPTION’.

GitHub Changelog

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