uiucthemes v0.2.1 Released: Market Information Lab @ UIUC Beamer Theme Added

In this update, the uiucthemes package now has a gallery vignette that shows the sample skeleton of each theme supported by the package. Pictures of supported themes can be found next.

In addition, the package is now home to a Beamer template for the Market Information Lab (MIL) @ UIUC. The template was contributed by Jose Luis Rodriguez. If you are interested in contributing to the uiucthemes package, please feel free to open a PR at the project’s repository: https://github.com/coatless/uiucthemes

Screenshots of Implemented Themes

beamer_illinois{width=3 height=5}

beamer_orange{width=3 height=5}

beamer_mil{width=3 height=5}

uiucthemes news file entry for version 0.2.1 (2018-10-05)



  • Modified template naming scheme so that templates are grouped by “Illinois”.
  • Modified skeleton template of latex_journal_format to be more generic.
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